Fun Camp Facts:
  • Our Canine Country Dog pool is 24’ X 36’ and 6’ deep in the middle with steps in and out on both ends. Life jackets are provided for dogs who are still learning to swim.
  • We have over an acre of outdoor play area divided into two play yards with natural turf and large shade trees.
  • We have approximately 800 sq. feet of Indoor slumber party area, and the puppy room houses 8 crates of various sizes.
All Camp stays day & Night include:
  • 4 full hours of active play (ball play, frisbee, tug of war, swimming, catch me if you can).
  • Active play hours from 10am-12pm & 1pm-3pm.
  • Free play from 8am-10am & 3pm-5pm.
  • Quiet Time 12p-1pm; 5-6pm
  • Summer and shoulder seasons (weather permitting) Swimming is included during active play both morning and afternoon.
  • Older arthritic dogs can choose to opt out of ball play and just swim to ease up on the joints, and non-swimmers can choose all play.
  • Overnight Campers 8 months and older sleep slumber party style. Young campers 3-6 months sleep in crates. 6mo-8mo campers sleeping arrangements vary on if they have good overnight bladder control and are past the chew stage.


Canine Day Camp

Cage-Free Dog Daycare
Canine Camp is a social interactive dog day care & playgroup. When you send your dogs to Canine Camp it benefits both you and your dogs. Socialization with other dogs helps to build confidence, teaches proper play techniques, manners, and reduces the possibility of future aggression and/or fear biting. Dog Day Care may be just what the vet ordered! We have a Great Doggy swimming pool, play equipment and most importantly room to romp! Canine camp includes group play, ball, Frisbee, Pool play and lots of TLC! Canine Camp is offered 7 days a week (except holidays).


Canine Slumber Camp

Cage-Free Dog Boarding

Canine Slumber Camp is Dog Boarding without cages! Overnight Campers Sleep Slumber Party Style on Dog Beds, Sofas, or Kuranda Beds!

It’s an opportunity for your dogs to play and socialize with other dogs in a safe, secure fenced environment.

Restrictions & Requirements: Dogs engaging in Canine Caravans must be pre-tested with a behavioral assessment. All dogs must be at least 6 months old (with 3 rounds of vaccines), Over 6 mo’s dogs must be spayed or neutered, and current on vaccinations. Owners must provide proof of Rabies, DHLPP & Bordetella. Dogs must be social & non-aggressive towards people, other dogs of all breeds and sizes, and not have object aggression towards balls, Frisbees, sticks or space. Caravan dogs must also be reliable on voice command, healthy and have endurance.


Canine Caravans

Off-leash Hiking, Swimming
What are Canine Caravans? Caravans are designed for high energy, well trained dogs. Your dog(s) will be picked up and transported to a greenback hiking area or Lake with other social non-aggressive dogs. The dogs and their pet pal will then engage on a wilderness hike, swimming, games, and TLC. Dogs joining our canine caravan must be on voice command. This is an off-leash adventure group. Canine Caravan is offered on Tuesdays & Thursdays only at this time.

This service is provided to the following areas: Glenshire, Olympic Heights, Prosser, Sierra Meadows, & Ponderosa. Other areas available for for an additional fee.


In-your-Home Pet Sitting

Glenshire Only - We Come To You

Benefits Of In-Home Pet Sitting…
Your pets stay in their comfort zone with all the sights, sounds and smells they love! A familiar environment minimizes the chance of stress induced eating problems, sleeping problems, and bowel irregularities. All your pets stay together with no interruption to your pets customary diet and exercise routines. Your home is protected by your pets and visiting pet sitter while you are away! 

How In-Home Pet Sitting Works…
Call us to set up a FREE “Meet & Greet” where we will meet you and your pets, talk about the best plan of care, and fill out paperwork.
A professional pet sitter will come to your home, and provide your pets with food, water, exercise, love and attention on the prearranged schedule you have chosen. We take care of the additional services you have chosen, to give your home a safe and lived in look, most at no additional charge. Enjoy your time away, without worrying if the neighbor remembered to feed your pets, if they are getting enough attention, or if they are destroying the house.

Included Services…
Food & Fresh Water
Medicine Administration (*if needed)
Obtaining Medical Care (*if needed)
Bringing in Mail/Newspapers
Rotating Lights & Blinds
Taking Trash to the Curb
Cleaning Litter Boxes/Cages
Pick-up Waste (*only waste incurred in your absent, for full yard clean-up see additional services)
Light Indoor clean-up of messes (* large messes requiring extensive clean-up is not included)
Loads of TLC!

* For administration of injections, taking your pet to the Vet, and whole yard clean-up or large indoor messes, additional fees will apply.

*In-Home care pricing varies depending on your zip code, number of pets & additional services needed.


Dog Walking

Glenshire Only - Private and/or Group
Dog walking or playful exercise can be arranged during a regular pet visit, as a bonus midday break for your dog, or just to help you out if you have a long workday, a late meeting, or an injury that makes exercising your dog difficult.

All dog walking is done on-leash only, unless a greenback area is available.We adhere to all leash laws, control laws and litter laws. We will not except any assignments that are not on-leash or within a safe fenced area, with a prior pre-screening of your dogs recall.

Dog exercising may include Frisbee, catch, tag, or agility depending on you and your dog’s preferences and normal routines.


Departure Bath

Because we all need one

We can give your dog a bath before you pick him/her up from camp providing you give us at least 24 hours notice of your request for a bath, and do not pick up before 10am. Bath prices vary depending on the size of the dog, the bath service you choose and the length of the dogs coat.

Please note, we do not do grooming.

Our bath services are offered so you don’t have to bring home a dirty dog.

Our Standard Camp bath is a bath and towel dry only; Prices vary from small dogs $20-to Giant breeds $50.00 and everything in between. Just ask us for a quote at drop off.

Our Deluxe Camp bath is a bath with ear cleaning, a blow dry and brush-out. Prices vary from $30-$100


Nail Trimming

Pamper Pamper Pamper
Nail trimming is available by request (24 hours notice) for $10-$15 per dog depending on their tolerance to the clipping and/or filing.


Fresh Breath

Sparkly Fresh

Teeth brushing is available by request (24 hours notice) for a one time brushing $10.00 (includes the brush) or a daily routine for $10 initial brush, $3.00 each brushing there after within the same boarding reservation.

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